Uncategorized February 17, 2018

Stop Rushing to Buy A Home Before Your Lease Expires!

So, in the last few months I had a several potential #buyers with some minor to major credit issues contact me stating they wanted to buy a home “before their lease ends”. Now this is quite possible depending on the time frame. However, if you #lease expires in 3 months or less you may want to consider your options because #buying just might not happen within that time-frame… ESPECIALLY if you have #credit issues. Do not do this to yourself. Do not put yourself under pressure to make a decision quickly.
A #purchase plan like this gives the purchaser extremely high odds of ending up with the worst possible outcome—and very little chance of getting a great #deal on that all-important first #home purchase! Some other options may be (1) a month-to-month lease; you may have to pay a higher rent rate but will most likely to save in the long run (2) move in with family for a short time-frame to save or cure some issues that may be in your way & not have the #financial & mental stresses that come along with juggling & rushing (3) re-plan and set reasonable expectations that allow you to enjoy the process (4) move into a #rental that will go month-to-month if the current landlord won’t. Things happen when purchasing especially when #financing or using #grants to buy, so you need to be prepared for delays and extensions that may arise.