More About Me

Realtor With Vision

Theresa Haywood is a Realtor, financial educator, and business owner who's had a passion for real estate since her teenage years. Being committed to education, philanthropy, mentoring, and community enrichment, Theresa Haywood is an empathetic problem-solver, unique in that she understands all parts of a transaction, from buying and selling to lending and title, aided by her master’s degree in business and accounting. She’s been in real estate for 14 years, became a full-time agent in 2019, and has tripled her business each year since. She created the Haywood Homes Group team in 2021. Theresa created a business that helps potential buyers cure personal challenges, manage their finances, and build creditworthiness to achieve their goal of obtaining their new home. As a realtor with vision, Theresa shapes the home-buying/selling process to meet your needs and expectations. Theresa is also passionate about educating buyers and sellers on real estate. Being a homeowner, she understands the importance of working with someone you trust and being knowledgeable about the process. Being a Baltimore Real Estate Investors member while working with multiple community associations and affiliating with other entrepreneurs within the industry allows Theresa not only to market your property and/or find your next home efficiently. “My philosophy is to put myself in my client’s position,” she says. “I am proactive and transparent and provide the service I would expect myself—and more.” I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with the home-buying and/or selling process.